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Alison Bailey


Alison is a freelance, niche-resistant wordsmith bent on honest work with a positive impact. As WCA’s Communications Specialist, she develops and fine-tunes written content with an ear for authenticity, an eye for grammatical detail, and the heart of a storyteller. If your project involves new or refreshed content for a website, a brochure, an event, social media, or internal documents, she’ll be there to help.

Before taking the self-employment plunge, Alison worked in the commercial print industry. She sharpened her skills as a project manager, wrote content for company websites, blogs, and brochures, and built strong relationships with individuals, small businesses, and NGOs in Thurston County, Washington. She started doing business as Pinnacle Text in 2019 in an effort to put her favorite skillset forward more of the time.

Alison graduated from Lewis & Clark College with Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Affairs and French Studies. She earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Goddard College in 2014. She has been picking at a novel for over ten years and intends to take at least another ten to finish it.

Alison is a devoted student of hot Hatha yoga in the Ghosh lineage. She earned her credentials to lead classes in 2019 and does so regularly at a studio in West Olympia. When Alison isn't serving her clients or at the yoga studio, she's reading a book, baking a treat, playing cribbage with her partner, or looking for sea glass and fine rocks on the southern beaches of the Salish Sea.

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