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Monica Williamson


Monica is the Director of Williamson Creative Agency, a women-led creative agency in the US. Put simply, she’s the one who makes things happen. Her average day involves a lot of project management— from overseeing the team to managing timelines to client relations. She likes to add her flair to design projects too. She brings 9 years of detailed project coordination and graphic design knowledge together to create specialized information sharing.

Monica has a passion for service. Her work is centered on bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together. While discerning patterns in information, visually or factually, she loves to design, deliver, and support meaningful educational opportunities. These intentions sprouted into WCA.

Monica has developed and implemented communication and design strategies for various education institutions and training programs. She serves as the Creative Director at The Whitener Group and previously served as the Program Coordinator at the Michigan State University Indigenous Law and Policy Center. She has executed dozens of multi-day conferences and trainings, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, serving thousands of participants and presenters from behind the scenes. Monica’s bachelor’s degree in anthropology and minor in American Indian and Indigenous studies are from Michigan State University. Her work history is vast, varied and purpose-driven.

She stems from a long family line of makers, seed planters, and public servants. Aunt continues to be her favorite title. When she’s not working on her numerous projects, you can find Monica doing yoga, enjoying a peaceful canoe trip, taking photos of flowers, plotting the build of a “catio” or working on arts and crafts with kiddos - not necessarily all at once, but then again, we wouldn’t put it past her.

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